“Biodiversity underpins all (…) ecosystem functions and benefits essential to human well-being, not only in terms of our economies, but also for our health, food security, prevention of natural hazards, and our cultural roots,” –Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, 2015

The SNRD Asia and the Pacific Working Group Biodiversity is engaging on a variety of issues related to biodiversity and nature conservation. The Working Group connects professionals in more than 10 South and Southeast Asian countries, working on the conservation of biodiversity in a variety of ecosystems and contexts. Supported by the Tandem-Partners in GIZ headquarters, the working group promotes the exchange and discussion the latest scientific knowledge and initiatives on biodiversity. The collaboration of its members is organised through a set of sub-working groups dealing with the following fields of interest:

  • Protected Areas and Protected Area Governance
  • Ecosystem Services

Issues / Topics

  • Governance in Protected Areas: exchanging experiences of governance and management effectiveness assessments
  • Other effective area-based conservation measures
  • Addressing sustainable use of natural resources in Protected Areas
  • Capacity building on Ecosystem Services Assessment and Valuation
  • Long-term biodiversity and ecosystem service monitoring: review of existing experiences
  • Institutionalization of the training course on “Biodiversity and Human Well-being”
  • Creating a bridge to the ICT for Development community of practice
  • Awareness raising and reflection on human-rights in biodiversity conservation
  • Biodiversity-based Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)-compliant value chains: exchange amongst projects
  • Biodiversity Financing

Please get in touch for any further information regarding the Working Group’s activities.