Sector Programme Implementing the Biodiversity Convention


  • Providing advice to BMZ on CBD issues
  • Providng advice to BMZ on biodiversity portfolio development
  • Advancing selected CBD issues
  • Mainstreaming biodiversity in other fields of development cooperation
  • Expanding capacity development services


The purpose of the Sector Programme is to support the implementation of the CBD Strategic Plan. To that end, it advises the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on how to advance the CBD and the German development cooperation’s biodiversity portfolio. The programme provides strategic and technical assistance to projects implemented in partner countries and supports human capacity building. Together with German and international specialist organisations, the programme develops and trials innovative methods and tools for improved implementation of the Strategic Plan of the CBD. It accompanies their application in partner countries, collates the lessons learned and provides input to international specialist networks. The programme has three thematic foci:

  • protected area management and governance
  • mainstreaming biodiversity
  • marine conservation

Highlight Activities

  • Preparation of the biennial brochure “Committed to biodiversity” published by BMZ and BMUB on Germany´s international cooperation in support of the CBD and sustainable development
  • Support for the BMZ Ten-point Plan of Action on Marine Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries
  • Pilot testing of Government Assessment methods for protected areas in collaboration with bilateral projects
  • Evaluation of country specific case studies about Biodiversity Mainstreaming  in national and sectoral policies and programmes together with OECD
  • Evaluation and publication of guidance and best practices for  mainstreaming biodiversity into development cooperation sectors like fishery & aquaculture or agriculture
  • Overview Seminar on Biodiversity for human well-being



Multinational Cooperation


Apr 2015 - Mar 2019

Commission Agency