Multinational Cooperation

Sector Programme Implementing the Biodiversity Convention
Providing advice to BMZ on CBD issues Providng advice to BMZ on biodiversity portfolio development...
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Sector Programme Soil Policy and Land Management
The project aims to: provide technical and conceptual advice on international (EU, FAO, World Bank,...
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Forestry and Climate Change (FOR-CC)
To provide capacity building to improve the cooperation of ASEAN Member States on climate change-related key...
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Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil (SCNO)
The project aims to: increase the quantity of sustainably produced and certified coconut oil and...
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ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems (ASEAN SAS)
The project aims to: provide solutions for long-term food security in the region through development...
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Sectoral Project Rural Development
The project aims to: support BMZ Special Unit ‘One World No Hunger’ as well as...
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Sector Programme Sustainability Governance in Global Value Chains
The programme aims to: strive for more sustainable supply chains in selected sectors (palm oil,...
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