Background information of your Working Group

The Forest Working Group within the SNRD Asia and the Pacific (SNRD-AP) is a collaborative initiative with the aim of addressing and enhancing forest conservation and sustainable forest management in the Asia-Pacific region. The working group includes stakeholders from various projects within the region who share an interest in advancing knowledge and practices related to forest conservation and management.

The emphasis is on collaborative learning and knowledge exchange, often involving external speakers who bring expertise to the discussions. The group convenes quarterly to engage in focused thematic exchanges through webinars.


  • To contribute to improved forest conservation and sustainable forest management practices in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To facilitate regular knowledge exchange sessions on topics related to sustainable forest management within the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To create knowledge products as per the requirement of the forest projects in the Asia-Pacific region. These products likely aim to serve as practical tools, resources, or insights to improve forest conservation efforts.

Issues / Topics

  • Digitalisation in the forest sector
  • Gender-transformative approaches in the forest sector
  • IPLC Rights/Social Safeguards
  • National Forest Monitoring
  • REDD+ and forest carbon credits
  • Forest and Landscape Restoration
  • Deforestation-free supply chains (only timber related)