Digital Transformation


In an era where technology leaps forward with every heartbeat, this platform serves as a digital agora, where digital experts from all sectors and backgrounds converge to exchange knowledge, ideas, and feedback. The Working Group Digital Transformation is this exchange center for digital innovation and collaboration within the dynamic Asian landscape, intricately woven into the fabric of GIZ portfolios.

Amidst the whirlwind of innovation, there’s a steady anchor of pragmatism. Collaboration within the group allows experts to address challenges in reference to cost effective and scalable digital solutions for planning, implementation and impact assessment of the project activities, advance digital technologies (AI, block chain etc), cybersecurity and sustainable data management while sharing strategies for success. Success stories and cautionary tales alike are shared, forming the bedrock upon which future strategies are built.

With diverse backgrounds represented from various countries, members exchange perspectives and approaches tailored to various sectors and industries and regional context. Sharing both successes and failures enables others to learn and adapt strategies accordingly. Benchmarking against industry standards helps assess progress and set realistic goals for improvement.

Participation in the group offers networking opportunities and digital skill training, fostering partnerships and collaboration on future projects. Together, members drive innovation and collectively shape the digital transformation landscape.

Issues / Topics

  • Exchange on digital tools and approaches suited for cross-sector and cross-country innovation.
  • 9 principles for sustainable digital project development.
  • Low key tech solutions for increased green and inclusive impact.
  • Data management for sustainable development projects. Lessons learnt and best practice exchange.


  1. Continuous learning of the WG members and exchange on digital topics
  2. Knowledge sharing at regional level, especially solutions worth spreading
  3. Enabling a co-working synergetic environment for promoting digital solutions