Climate Change Adaptation

Issues / Topics

  1. Planning & Finance
  • NAP processes and overall adaptation policy and planning
  • Use of Climate Risk Assessments to inform policy-making
  • Mainstreaming of climate risks into (sectoral) planning processes
  • Financing of adaptation
  1. Community-based and Ecosystem-based Adaptation (CbA and EbA)
  • Link between CbA & EbA (incl. landscape approaches)
  • Opportunities to scale up CbA and EbA and to integrate into national adaptation planning
  • Potential of CbA and EbA applications in the region
  1. Digitalization and CCA
  • Digital approaches (methods and tools) related to risk assessments, GIS mapping, Climate Information Services (CIS), M&E, etc. and their application in the region

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Highlight Activities

    Webinar Series