Mekong Delta Climate Resilience Programme (MCRP)


The climate-resilient management of natural resources in coastal areas of the Mekong Delta is improved to ensure sustainable development in the region.


The Mekong Delta Climate Resilience Programme (MCRP) is a development cooperation programme co-financed by the Governments of Germany, Switzerland and of Vietnam.  MCRP is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Ministry of Construction (MOC) and the 13 Mekong Delta provinces. MCRP’s objective is to support the Vietnamese authorities on improving the climate-resilient management of natural resources in the coastal areas of the Mekong Delta to ensure sustainable development in the region.


  • Component 1 – Institutions: Establish an institutional framework to facilitate regional coordination of climate-resilient development in the Mekong Delta.
  • Component 2 – Investment Planning: Improve investment planning at regional level for the climate-resilient and gender-sensitive management of water resources in urban and rural areas.
  • Component 3 – Technology and Rural Infrastructure: Apply innovative technologies and interventions to combat coastal and riverbank erosion, thus rendering rural infrastructure and ecosystems more climate-resilient.
  • Component 4 – Urban Infrastructure: Climate-smart and water-sensitive urban infrastructure.


Governmental authorities on national and subnational / provincial level
Resource users, local population in 13 Mekong Delta Provinces


  • Operational Joint Technical Working Groups on water management in Long Xuyen Quadrangle and in Quan Lo Phung Hiep (Mekong Delta Provinces) to promote cross-sectoral and inter-provincial coordination for sustainable water management in the region.
  • GIS database for water management irrigation and hydrometeorological services in 2 sub regions, Long Xuyen Quadrangle and Quan Lo Phung Hiep (to be upscaled in other regions or delta-wide) strengthening water-data and information sharing.
  • Development of an online decision support system for real-time coastal erosion monitoring and further uptake of investment in digitalization.
  • Installation of salinity monitoring stations in Soc Trang, Bac Lieu and Ca Mau provinces (Mekong Delta), to provide local authorities and communities with better salinity data.
  • Introduction of innovative technology and policy instrument in establishing two temporary dams in Ca Mau Province for flood water storage, to mitigate the negative impacts of drought and salinity intrusion in the Mekong Delta.
  • Supporting the development of the Plan, “The Sustainable Aquaculture Development Plan in the Mekong Delta to 2030”. The Plan focuses on adapting to climate change, fostering advanced technology application and responsible production.
  • Establishing a Shrimp Working Group under the Fisheries PPP Task Force of D-FISH Vietnam toward sustainable shrimp sector development, contributing to strengthening the regional linkages of aquaculture in the Mekong Delta.
  • Capacity building for mangrove-shrimp and shrimp-rice production systems, best management practices for sustainable shrimp farming, cooperation, certification, management and gender issues.
  • Developing indicators and criteria to assess the quality of master plans at national, regional and provincial levels. This helps the transparent and efficient planning process from formulation, appraisal, approval, to launching and implementation.
  • Developing a gender-sensitive capacity development strategy for implementing the Mekong Delta Master Plan after it is approved.
  • Regular inter-provincial and ministerial-provincial platforms are maintained to facilitate exchange on the technical issues for the planning process.
  • The Mekong delta provinces re guided in integration of climate change and disaster risk management in their social and economic development plans.
  • Developing criteria for the selection of inter-provincial and regional projects in the Mekong Delta for the period of 2021-2025 as a basis for the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to prepare for the list of prioritized projects in the Mekong Delta for further donor community investment.




Viet Nam


01 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2025

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