Agricultural value chains,investments, Public Private Partnerships,capacity development and farmer group organizations


Ecosystem services, protected areas, and their governance

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change planning, financing and adaptation (incl. NAP, NDC), community and ecosystem-based adaptation, and Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV)


Gender equality, Gender Analysis, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Transformative Approaches, Intersectionality, Feminism, Feminist Development Policy

Hills to Ocean (H2O)

Coastal zone management, aquaculture, fishing, coastal and marine conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation in coastal zones, climate change vulnerability assessments, mangrove conservation and restoration


Challenges and lessons learnt in implementing REDD+ (MRV, Safeguards, Benefit Sharing, Strategy) including topics such as Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT), and forest policy development

Digital Transformation

In an era where technology leaps forward with every heartbeat, this platform serves as a digital agora, where digital experts from all sectors and backgrounds converge to exchange knowledge, ideas, and feedback.