Promotion of the Climate Change Unit in coordinating the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (Climate Finance Governance Project)


To improve Ministry of Environment and Forests and its line agencies’ results-based implementation of the National Climate Change Strategy according to fiduciary principles


Together with the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), the Climate Finance Governance (CFG) Project aims to build a climate resilient nation. It supports the government to implement the national climate change strategy and action plan with national and international climate funds, in a transparent manner.

Highlight Activities

  1. The Ministry of Environment and Forests is responsible for the effective coordination of the implementation of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP) into its own processes and across government. Through a critical review of the current BCCSAP and its implementation, the MoEF and its line agencies will be able improve its capacity to coordinate climate change policy in the future. Lessons learnt will be applied to an updated version of the strategy.
  2. By strengthening the fiduciary management in at least one of the MoEF’s line agencies, the government will be better positioned to implement internally and externally funded climate change projects directly and improve the utilisation of climate change finance.
  3. The Department of Environment (DoE) is developing a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) to provide the Government of Bangladesh with a tool to assess climate change vulnerability across the country. This assessment will serve as a base line for measuring climate change adaptation activities and identify districts of high vulnerability. It will also inform policy makers and improve the allocation of funds, due to better targeting.







Jan 2013 - Dec 2018

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