Ecosystem-based management and ecosystem services valuation in two river basins in the Philippines (E2RB)


Strengthen ecosystem services, protect biodiversity and reduce vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters in 2 river basins through integrated management and application of Values (ecosystem services assessment) and ecosystem-based adaptation measures (including a network of protected areas).


River basins not only provide habitats and resources for endangered species but at the same time provide livelihood for people within the basin and beyond. These include different sectors, such as domestic water supply, agriculture, energy, environment and health. The project supports national policies and contributes to improved coordination and integration of sectors through an ecosystem-based approach. Key outputs will be the reduction of hazard prone households, and improved water availability and quality in selected watersheds. The project will provide impetus for improving the fragmented water governance regime and aims at using the values of ecosystem services as a basis for the private sector buy-in, to contribute to the financing of conservation and protection measures that help to maintain ecosystem services and protected areas. The project also supports knowledge and information management to strengthen the scaling up of such efforts.


  • Ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Nature-based solutions


  • Communities within river basins


  • Sustained partnership with the ministry to pursue the application of integrated ecosystems management in river basins.
  • Promoted EbA through learning events such as webinars, symposia, and conferences.
  • Established the baselines on the protection and vulnerability status of the priority river basin communities. The information will be used to identify specific EbA activities in the area.



The Government of the Philippines through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) affirmed its commitment to strengthen ecosystem services, protect biodiversity and reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters of communities in river basins. The technical cooperation between GIZ and DENR opens opportunities for piloting nature-based solutions to increase the adaptive capacities of communities and to support scaling-up of integrated ecosystems management in river basins.

Dr. Antonio Daño, retired Executive Director, DENR River Basin Control Office

“As an advocate of river basins as the appropriate planning units to address water-related challenges, rather than administrative boundaries, we acknowledged the need for adaptation and risk management strategies for river basins with active participation of stakeholders. Our river basin organisations now have the opportunity to showcase ecosystem-based adaptation, an adaptation strategy that will help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change”


Philippines , Asia


01 Mar 2019 - 31 May 2024

Commission Agency