Towards a South-South Collaboration on Climate Information and Services: Building a Knowledge Exchange and Learning Plat Platform for the Philippines and the Climate Vulnerable Forum


In the Philippines, climate information services are being used more and more to gain a better understanding of the impacts of climate change. Informed decisions can be made when planning and implementing adaptation and mitigation measures.


The Philippines has made progress in producing climate information products, ranging from climate scenarios developed from global models for regional and local areas to information about local impacts and dangers related to climate change. However, user needs and the fields of application of climate information services vary greatly, and a broader range of knowledge products is therefore required.


The project improves the availability of climate information and services, for example by:

  • Using infographics and maps to visualise the effects of rising temperatures on agriculture and health
  • Charting the impacts of extreme weather conditions such as typhoons or droughts on specific agricultural contexts
  • Producing hazard maps of areas and populations that are facing extreme events due to climate change
  • Simplifying studies and including socio-economic variables such as poverty levels, incomes, health and environmental status

The Philippine Climate Change Commission and other key actors in the Philippines use jointly developed climate information and services with member countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum. As a result, the Philippines can successfully plan and implement climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in its communities and regions. At the same time, the project supports the role of the Philippines in making its knowledge available to other countries as part of a South-South exchange. It is also supporting the country in developing a South-South competence centre that can be used by the Philippines and other countries.




2019 - 2024

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