Land Management and Decentralised Planning (LMDP)


  • ELTES: Access to land as a central prerequisite for poverty and hunger reduction in rural areas has improved for certain population groups in Northern Laos, especially for women and marginalized groups.
  • RGIL: Investments in land are productive, contribute to sustainable land management, and respect the rights and needs of local populations in particular vulnerable groups and women


In cooperation with policy makers, the project aims to improve the framework conditions for good land governance. Transparent procedures and mechanisms in land administration are applied to improve the land right situation for the rural population.

The current phase of the project focuses on the development of legally compliant procedures for customary and collective tenure recognition in forest areas. Planning processes, such as participatory land use planning and agricultural land management are strengthened among the authorities and implemented in the target provinces.

The last field of action is supported through European co-financing under the project Promoting Responsible Governance of Investments in Land (RGIL). Through awareness-raising and dialogue activities among private investors, local communities and government partners, the project supports the responsible governance of agricultural and forestry investments that consider the rights and needs of the local population, follow social and environmental standards, and comply with domestic investment law. A digital investment project monitoring system has been developed together with government counterparts to support Lao authorities in the systematic monitoring of investments in land. The “Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT)” and the “Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment” of the United Nations guide the project’s actions.


  • Rural development and food security
  • Customary tenure in forest areas
  • Collective ownership
  • Land use planning and agricultural management
  • Responsible Agricultural and Forestry Investments in Land

Investment monitoring and sustainable agricultural practices


ELTES: The rural population in Laos, especially in the provinces of Sayaboury and Houaphan, with a particular focus on poor and food-insecure households, as well as on women and marginalized groups.

RGIL: Government authorities at national, provincial and district level, foreign and domestic agricultural investors, and local land users, especially smallholder farmers, vulnerable groups and women.


  • Policy support through analysis of the national legal framework on customary tenure in forest areas and awareness raising on land rights for communities in forest areas
  • Participatory land use planning and agricultural land management (PLUP/PALM)
  • Policy support through analysis of the national legal framework for investments in land
  • Awareness raising measures for rural communities on land rights, grievance mechanisms and rights to participatory consultation (FPIC)
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogues between government officials, village representatives and investors on investment issues, new rules and regulations, and findings from investment project monitoring
  • Investors Dialogue Fora for investors, communities, and government officials on specific investment projects and project-related conflict resolution
  • Digital investment project monitoring of compliance with environmental and social standards for investments in land





Current phase ELTES:01/2021 – 10/2023
Including RGIL:11/2019 – 07/2023
Commission Agency