Protection of Biological Diversity in the ASEAN Member States in Cooperation with the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity Program (CARE4BioDiv)


The program aims to:

  • contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of natural resources in the ASEAN region, in harmony with the interest of the local population
  • institutionally strengthen ACB and other relevant organizations and to contribute to the integration of the ASEAN Community


The Program is being implemented through 2 technical cooperation modules funded by BMZ and 1 financial cooperation module funded by KfW:


UntitledSupport for biodiversity protection in the ASEAN region sustained

The five-year Biodiversity and Climate Change Project (BCCP) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), and GIZ, concluded in September 2015, contributed to an ASEAN-wide biodiversity conservation strategy to mitigate climate change in the species-rich region, where biodiversity is threatened and the impacts of climate change are strong. BCCP and a new commission by KfW started in September 2014, the Small Grants Program (SGP) with the ACB, were launched in a Programme set-up, the “Protection of Biological Diversity in the ASEAN Member States in Cooperation with the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity” or CARE4Biodiv.

With the aim to build on the programme’s gains also after the End of BCCP, the partnership has launched, under the Programme, 2 new Technical Cooperation projects, and incorporated the SGP in the enlarged Programme context.

  • Institutional Strengthening of the Biodiversity Sector in the ASEAN (ISB) Project is strengthening the capacity of the AMS to support the conservation of biodiversity in the region in general and specifically the achievement of the CBD targets by 2020.   The project focuses on 6 areas of intervention:  organizational development; ASEAN Heritage Parks; capacity development on economic valuation of biodiversity; joint positions of AMS; monitoring and evaluation and development of biodiversity information platform.
  • Biodiversity-based Products as an Economic Source for the Improvement of Livelihoods and Biodiversity Protection (BBP) Project, supports the AMS (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, in particular) developing sustainable value chains of endemic/native biodiversity for the commercialization of Biodiversity Based Products from areas around selected ASEAN Heritage Parks, and enhancing the understanding of the importance of Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.

Small Grants Program (SGP), funds projects that improve biodiversity protection in selected ASEAN Heritage Parks and adjacent areas of Indonesia and Myanmar, while enhancing the livelihood of the local population directly dependent on such areas.







Jan 2015 - Dec 2019

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