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About the Working Group

“Biodiversity underpins all (…) ecosystem functions and benefits essential to
human well-being, not only in terms of our economies, but also for our health, food security, prevention of natural hazards, and our cultural roots,”
               Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, 2015

The SNRD Working Group Biodiversity is engaging on a variety of issues related to biodiversity and nature conservation. The Working Group connects professionals in more than 10 South and Southeast Asian countries, working on the conservation of biodiversity in a variety of ecosystems and contexts.  Supported by the Tandem-Partners in GIZ headquarters, the working group promotes the exchange and discussion the latest scientific knowledge and initiatives on biodiversity. The collaboration of its members is organised through a set of sub-working groups dealing with the following fields of interest:

  • Protected Areas and Protected Area Governance 
  • Ecosystem Services

The factsheet of the Working Group is now available for download here.


  • Governance in Protected Areas: exchanging experiences of governance and management effectiveness assessments
  • Other effective area-based conservation measures
  • Addressing sustainable use of natural resources in Protected Areas
  • Capacity building on Ecosystem Services Assessment and Valuation
  • Long-term biodiversity and ecosystem service monitoring: review of existing experiences
  • Institutionalization of the training course on “Biodiversity and Human Well-being”
  • Creating a bridge to the ICT for Development community of practice
  • Awareness raising and reflection on human-rights in biodiversity conservation
  • Biodiversity-based Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)-compliant value chains: exchange amongst projects
  • Biodiversity Financing

Please get in touch for any further information regarding the Working Group’s activities.

Contact Details

Biodiversity Speaker

Ms. Nicole Bendsen
Speaker for Working Group on Biodiversity

As a geographer, Nicole enjoys working at the interface of environmental protection and human well-being. Since 2014 she is part of the Conflict Sensitive Resource and Asset Management (COSERAM) Program in Mindanao, leading the Module on Indigenous Practices for Biodiversity Conservation (IP4Biodiv).  Before moving to the Philippines, Nicole worked in Honduras as development adviser on the topics of protected area and watershed management. She is looking forward to exchanging experiences and fostering cooperation through the working group.


Number of Countries


Bangladesh, China, Fiji, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam


WG Biodiversity is actively producing a number of knowledge products each year. To learn more about their work and gain an insight into this thematic focus, please see below: