Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation 2017-11-24T13:39:09+00:00


Three thematic Working Groups (TWGs) have been established to work on the followings:

  1. Planning & Finance
  • NAP processes and overall adaptation policy and planning
  • Use of Climate Risk Assessments to inform policy-making
  • Mainstreaming of climate risks into (sectoral) planning processes
  • Financing of adaptation
  1.  Community-based and Ecosystem-based Adaptation (CbA and EbA)
  • Link between CbA & EbA (incl. landscape approaches)
  • Opportunities to scale up CbA and EbA and to integrate into national adaptation planning
  • Potential of CbA and EbA applications in the region
  1. Digitalization and CCA 
  • Digital approaches (methods and tools) related to risk assessments, GIS mapping, Climate Information Services (CIS), M&E, etc. and their application in the region

Please get in touch for any further information regarding the Working Group’s activities.

Contact Details

Ms. Marie Rossetti
Speaker for Working Group Climate Change Adaptation