Global project Food Security and Strengthening of Resilience


Hunger and malnutrition can be attributed to a wide variety of factors: Besides being affected by poverty, conflicts and other forms of crisis, overpopulation and natural disasters, people may also simply lack access to health services, healthy nutrition, clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. In addition, people often do not know enough about healthy nutrition or hygiene. The diverse and complex causes of hunger and malnutrition require solutions that are just as varied.

If children do not receive enough micronutrients like iron, zinc or vitamin A while still in the womb or during their first two years (a period referred to as the first 1,000 days), this impacts their health and development for the rest of their lives. Their growth can be limited both physically and in terms of their mental abilities. This in turn can significantly reduce their opportunities to learn and engage in a profession later in life.


The situations of people at risk of malnutrition – especially women of childbearing age and small children – and their resilience to food crises have been improved.


The project is integrating measures from various areas, including agriculture, health, education, social protection and WASH (water, sanitation and health). In doing so, it works to:

(1) Increase the availability of diverse and healthy food all year round

(2) Promote habits that ensure a balanced diet, particularly among women and small children

(3) Support policymakers in improving food and nutrition security and resilience, as well as in gathering experience and evidence to demonstrate how people’s nutrition can be enhanced

Since April 2023, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has been helping to fund this project in the areas of policy advice and capacity-building in connection with efforts to enrich foods with micronutrients.


India , Cambodia , Benin , Burkina Faso , Ethiopia , Kenya , Madagascar , Malawi , Mali , Togo , Yemen , Zambia


2014 - 2026

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