Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector – India
WHAT WE DO The Green Innovation Centre India wants small-scale farming enterprises and rural entrepreneurs...
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Low-Emissions Oil Palm Development in Berau District, East Kalimantan
A coalition of government, business and community actors understands and applies tools, approaches, incentives and...
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Salinity Advisory as location and specific and timely service
R&D is an ICT-enabled eco-system used for salinity warning and advisory as a decision support-tool...
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Food and Nutrition Security in Eastern Shan State, Myanmar
The project aims to: Improve the Food and Nutrition Security of vulnerable populations in selected...
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Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil (SCNO)
The project aims to: increase the quantity of sustainably produced and certified coconut oil and...
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RIICE: Remote sensing-based information and insurance for crops in emerging economies
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To reduce vulnerability of smallholder farmers engaged in rice production The tools of RIICE provide...
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ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems (ASEAN SAS)
The project aims to: provide solutions for long-term food security in the region through development...
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Sectoral Project Rural Development
The project aims to: support BMZ Special Unit ‘One World No Hunger’ as well as...
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Regional Economic Development III (RED III)
The project aims to: increase the income of rural households by applying market-oriented and private...
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