Strengthening the Implementation of regional and local Peace and Development Agendas


State and non-state actors have taken an integrated approach to implementing peace and development agendas at local and regional level. A particular focus is placed on improving the socio-economic situation of vulnerable groups and smallholder farmers.


Mindanao, the southernmost island group in the Philippines, is characterised by poverty and violent conflicts. Armed clashes, land disputes, and environmental conflicts still pervade the region today.

The Philippine Government has adopted various regional and local peace and development agendas in Mindanao with the support of the Conflict-Sensitive Resource and Asset Management (COSERAM) project. The agendas are characterised by their integrated approach, which combines economic development, peacebuilding, land rights, and the promotion of marginalised groups.

However, for state and non-state actors to implement the agendas, enhanced skills and additional tools are needed. This is especially true in the area of investment promotion, which can promote peace tangibly by focusing on conflict prevention and climate resilience.


The project works closely with the Philippine Government and implements the following measures:

  • Improvement of services for agricultural cooperatives and indigenous communities including climate-sensitive farming techniques to boost the income of smallholder farmers.
  • Development of conflict- and climate-sensitive investment promotion programmes including the exchange of knowledge on peace and investment promotion approaches with selected local administrations and the Mindanao Development Authority.
  • Support of government agencies, local administrations as well as civil society organisations to strengthen their cooperation in the integrated implementation of peace and development agendas.

The project is supported by the Mindanao Peace and Development Programme of the European Union.




2021 - 2025

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