Wetlands Management for Biodiversity and Climate Protection
The main objective of the project is to strengthen the institutional framework and capacities for...
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Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector – India
WHAT WE DO The Green Innovation Centre India wants small-scale farming enterprises and rural entrepreneurs...
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Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation in India (HWC)
The Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation (HWC) project aims at providing technical support at the national level,...
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Land Use Planning and Management
The project’s main topics include: Land Use Policies Spatial Planning Instruments Organizational Development / Cooperation...
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Himachal Pradesh Forest Ecosystem Services (HP-FES) Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
The Himachal Pradesh Forest Ecosystem Services project aims to enable the Forest Department of Himachal...
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Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Partnership Project-Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
The ABS Partnership project aims at strengthening the capacities of the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA),...
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RIICE: Remote sensing-based information and insurance for crops in emerging economies
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To reduce vulnerability of smallholder farmers engaged in rice production The tools of RIICE provide...
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Incentive for Sustainable Biodiversity Management (ISBM)
The project aims to: improve awareness and appreciation of the values of biodiversity and ecosystem...
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