India Country: India


June 2014 – October 2018


The project aims to:

  • Land Use Policies
  • Spatial Planning Instruments
  • Organizational Development / Cooperation Model
  • Human Capacity Development


Project Description

The Land Use Planning and Management Project in India aims to improve the general culture of spatial planning in India. It wants to contribute to a better spatial governance that helps to avoid conflicts of land uses and spatial disorder. It aims to clarify the responsibilities for a spatial planning within the public administrations. One core of the project is to revive the constitutional provision of a spatial district planning. This scale offers a great chance to introduce a consistent, normative and systematic spatial planning that covers the full country with a unique toolkit of instruments and guidelines. District planning furthermore can help to introduce spatial and land use planning to the rural areas. It can continuously describe the use of land for both, urban and rural areas, and thus can become a great tool for avoiding the urban sprawl with its negative side effects on climate and environment. The project is in line with the general idea to promote the compact city that strengthens as well the urban, the rural and the nature.   

Highlight Activities include:

  • Selection of pilot states (Tamil Nadu and Odisha)
  • Selection of Pilot Area within the both states for showcasing a spatial district planning


Contact Person

Mr. Georg Jahnsen
Project Director,
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

B5/2 Safdarjung Enclave, 110029 New Delhi, India

Tel: +91-8826695757

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