MOTOLAO DIARIES I Khammouane province Laos

Discover Khammouane province of Laos, located in the center of the country. The Mekong River Valley in the west is framed by the Annamite Mountain Range which separates Khammouane from Vietnam to the east. The Limestone Mountains are honeycombed with countless caves, some of which for ages concealed forgotten treasures.

Director I Producer: Cyril Eberle
Director of Photography: Cyril Eberle, Aaron Minks
Interviewer: Bar Keophiphat
Translation: Bar Keophiphat, Ka Xiong
Precision Rider: Chris Corbett
Executive Producer:
Aerial Footage: Ian Gatenby
Special thanks to:
Lung Ky, his family and Ban Nong Bua village, Joost Foppes, Mirjam de Koning, Chris Corbett, Vanxhay Keobounpanh, Markus Neuer