Good Calms of Ashtamudi

The depletion of the clam population in the Ashtamudi estuary by 50 % pushed small scale fishers to adopt sustainable practices. Continued efforts helped the clam fishery to bounce back and its value has now been estimated at Rs13.5 million. What were the practices adopted? Watch the video to...

Managing Catch

Rs.2.42 billion is lost every year due to fishing of juvenile fishes. But there is a way to reverse this loss. Watch this video to know more and share.

Going the Chilika Way

Chilika Lake is a brackish lagoon on the coast of Odisha. IGBP commissioned studies to measure the impact of restoration work undertaken at the Chilika Lake. The studies show that each rupee spent on the restoration of the Chilika Lake has yielded Rs. 15 in return making it a...

Let The River Ken Flow

Rivers are much more than flowing waters. Lets study our little known Ken river before making any infrastructural development.

Ousteri Lake

The Ousteri lake attracts a diverse population of migratory birds, making it one of the ecologically important wetlands of Asia. With enormous pressure from land-use change, groundwater exploitation and pollution from industry and agriculture we stand a chance to loose about Rs 19.67 million each year. How can we...

The Little Rann of Kachchh

The LRK provides annual economic benefits worth US$ 25.3 million. Livelihoods of 12,000 households are linked with these ecosystem services.

Western Ghats: The Green Gold of India

Benefits from just timber, fuelwood, non-timber forest produce, carbon sequestration and tourism from 10 sq. km of Western Ghats forests are worth over US$ 387,000.