Webinar Series: Carbon Credits in the Agricultural Sector

20 September 2023
Webinar poster

The Carbon Credits Webinar Series, organized by the Working Group Agriculture of the SNRD Asia and the Pacific, unfolded through three insightful 1-hour sessions. The journey started on September 20, with a session titled “Introduction to Carbon Markets and Carbon Credits”, laying a robust foundation on the topic for around 80 GIZ colleagues from 13 different countries. The series progressed on October 18, when the focus shifted to practical implementation in a session named “Ideas to Practices” and concluded on November 21, addressing how to counter criticisms and fortify carbon credit initiatives. Expertly delivered by Jens Radschinski, one of the co-founders of KORA Climate, a consulting firm with expertise in carbon markets and climate policy, the series was met with high enthusiasm.

Due to its success and the high interest from colleagues, this webinar series is planned to be continued in 2024, focusing on the company’s position and hands on project examples of carbon credits within GIZ. The webinar series was able to provide a solid understanding on carbon credits and facilitate a lively exchange on their applications in the real world. The team behind the webinar series is excited to continue the series in 2024!

September 20, 2023; October 18, 2023; November 21, 2023

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Uratcha Prasithpongchai