Training on curricula development – ‘Traditional Knowledge: Cultural Heritage for the Future’

14 October 2023

The training titled ‘Traditional Knowledge: Cultural Heritage for the Future’ was organised by the Indo-German Bilateral Co-operation project ‘Protection and Sustainable Management of Aquatic Resources in the North-eastern Himalayan Region of India’ (NERAQ) in collaboration with Centre for Biocultural Diversity, University of Kent, United Kingdom from 18-22 September, 2023 (in-presence) at the Kohima Science College (A), Jotsoma, Nagaland. The in-presence training was preceded by online preparatory training on 14-15 September 2023.

The week-long long training course covered a range of topics encompassing traditional knowledge such as methods, ethics, variation, classification, transmission, ethno-ecology, biological knowledge and justice. The new course will be introduced as a multi-disciplinary subject to be offered by the department of Anthropology, Botany and Zoology of the college.

October 14-22, 2023

Virtual and in person at Kohima Science College, Nagaland

Contact Person
Aja Zinyu