Training of Master Trainers on Sustainable and Organic Turmeric Cultivation

06 July 2023
Session on Land preparation and soil management specifically for turmeric cultivation | ©GIZIndia
Group photo of the participants and the trainers | ©GIZIndia

The two-day training program brought together 26 master trainers from various regions of Tamil Nadu. The training, organized by the DPP GIZ-AVT McCormick project in collaboration with Ecociate Consultants, aimed to empower master trainers with the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable and organic agricultural practices and equip them with effective training delivery skills. The program provided practical guidance, shared best practices, and promoted the adoption of sustainable and organic methods to improve crop quality and marketability.

The sessions covered key aspects of sustainable and organic agriculture principles, land preparation and soil management, plant propagation, integrated nutrient management, irrigation and water management, integrated pest management, biodiversity conservation, training dissemination methodologies, post-harvest management, and economic aspects of cultivation.

Throughout the program, emphasis was placed on the role of women farmers, with active participation and sharing of success stories for replication. The training fostered discussions, group exercises, and presentations to learn from experiences and insights.

July 6-7, 2023

Tamil Nadu, India

Contact Person
Ravindra Singh