The Solution-ing Approach – Learning from inspiring experiences world-wide

The Blue Solutions Project and the Panorama Initiative provide global platforms to assemble and promote knowledge on successful approaches, tools and processes, focusing on what works why and how. These solutions have proven their success and inspire others to replicate and adapt them. While Blue Solutions focuses on the sustainable use and conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity, the Panorama shares success stories from protected areas in particular, both marine and terrestrial.

The Blue Solutions partners have developed a template to document these solutions and their core elements – so-called building blocks. We believe that these building blocks can be replicated, adapted and recombined to address specific challenges in new contexts, geographies or even sectors.

We hereby invite you to a webinar explaining this solutions approach and providing guidance on how to document your solutions. The webinar is timed to support “solution providers” in preparation for the upcoming “Regional Forum on Solutions for Oceans, Coasts and Human Wellbeing in Latin America and the Wider Caribbean Region”, as well as in the follow-up of the IUCN World Parks Congress.

During the webinar, we will explain the concept of “solutions” and “building blocks”, walk through the template and share best practices in completing it.