Sensitization workshop on Sustainable Turmeric Cultivation Practices, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

03 June 2023

The sensitization workshop on Sustainable Turmeric Cultivation practices, organized by the DPP GIZ-AVT McCormick project, brought together around 50 enthusiastic turmeric farmers in Chamarajanagar, Tamil Nadu. The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness about the harmful effects of heavy pesticide usage in turmeric cultivation and to introduce sustainable farming practices that can enhance crop quality without compromising yield.

The participatory sessions lined up information regarding principles and practices of sustainable agriculture, specifically tailored to turmeric cultivation. Success stories from farmers with Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) certification for their turmeric through sustainable practices were shared as best practices for replication.

The workshop served as a platform for farmers to understand the challenges in turmeric cultivation, recognize the importance of sustainable agriculture, and gain practical knowledge to implement in their own farms. By promoting sustainable practices, the event aimed to address environmental concerns, protect biodiversity, and improve the quality of turmeric produce. 

June 3, 2023

Karnataka, India

Contact Person
Ravindra Singh