New reader about sustainable energy solutions in agriculture

03 July 2017

The world’s agri-food supply chains are being challenged: 30 percent of the available energy worldwide is used for producing and processing food. Sustainable energy solutions in agri-food chains are required. Approaches are required that enhance food and energy security but tackle climate change at the same time

In order to distribute and disseminate knowledge about sustainable energy solutions, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Powering Agriculture – Sustainable Energy for Food” has been held for eight weeks in spring 2016. Almost 1400 people around the world took part, two thirds of them living in countries of the global south.

The reader comprises:

  • The Energy-Agriculture Challenge
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Input in Agricultural Value-Chains
  • Renewable Energy Resources and Technology
  • Bioenergy
  • Energy Efficiency in the Energy Agriculture Nexus
  • Policies and Regulations for the Energy Agriculture Nexus
  • Energy and Agriculture on a Micro Level
  • Business Models for Projects in the Energy Agriculture Nexus

You want to know more about the Agriculture-Energy Challenge?

Find the reader here.

Further information: Knowledge portal of Powering Agriculture on

Global initiative: “Powering Agriculture – An Energy Grand Challenge (PAEGC)”