Knowledge Exchange Series- Webinar on “Sustainable Livelihoods vis-à-vis Aquatic Resources Management”

06 October 2023

The second Knowledge Exchange Session was organised on 06 October 2023 on the topic “Sustainable Livelihoods vis-à-vis Aquatic Resources Management”. The aim of this session was to share experiences, reflect on approaches and stimulate constructive discussion on enhancing livelihoods against the backdrop of protection and sustainable management of aquatic resources. This knowledge exchange session focussed on sharing models that have enhanced the existing livelihood strategies of those most vulnerable to restrictions of resource access due to conservation, or of use of livelihood-focused interventions that establish a clear link to conservation.

The focus was on understanding, through successful case studies, what works and what does not, at implementation level, training/awareness raising requirements and the enabling policies in these interventions. Guest speakers were Dr Sanjay Sarma, State Fisheries Co-Ordinator Assam Agri-Business and Rural Transformation Project (APART), Dr Sourabh Kumar Dubey, Project Coordinator, WorldFish GIZ-SIS Project, DR Limatemjen, Dean of Sciences Kohima Science College (A) Jotsoma, Nagaland and Mr Arup Kumar Baishya, Co-founder of AVACreations, Guwahati, Assam. The discussion was moderated by Dr Partha Jyoti Das, Head – ‘Water, Climate and Hazard Division’ Aaranyak, Assam.

October 6, 2023


Contact Person
Usha Dewani Das