How does Land Use Planning contribute to sustainable rural development?

23 August 2023
Landscape in Sayabuli, photo by GIZ/Bart Verweij
Landscape in Sayabuli, photo by GIZ/Bart Verweij

Let´s have a look at the example of Laos. A new case study of the country module of the Global Project Responsible Land Policy in Laos elaborates on how land use planning and agricultural management at village level can have positive impacts on public service delivery and rural communities and thus contributing to wider sustainable development. Check out which beneficial use cases of land use planning could be found like reducing land conflicts, contributing to forest and environmental protection, improving land tenure security. The case study further showcases good examples on the use of spatial data for further planning processes, appropriate allocation of land investments protecting land rights and facilitating agricultural transition for the benefit of rural population. To enable these development impacts of land use planning some success factors were revealed and recommendations formulated, which might be of interest for practitioners also from other country contexts.

Watch the video to get a lively impression and read the case studies paper for more details.

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