Elevating Forest Sustainability: Harnessing 3D Models for Awareness and Conservation in Himachal Pradesh

09 October 2023

In a global shift towards highlighting the significance of forest ecosystems and fostering public awareness about their conservation, the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) project, in partnership with the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department and the Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology Bengaluru, is using interactive 3D models to communicate essential concepts.

During the Wildlife Week closing ceremony on October 9, the project unveiled scaled-down versions of these models. The exhibit, inaugurated by Mr. Rohit Thakur, the Hon’ble Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh, featured models for key tourist destinations in the region. This event emphasized the role of awareness in biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation, the importance of urban green spaces as educational tools connecting tourists with nature, and the urgency of biodiversity conservation.

Promoting sustainable forest management and raising awareness about forest ecosystem conservation are in line with the Green and Sustainable Development Partnership (GSDP) between India and Germany, underlining the vital role of individuals in safeguarding these invaluable resources for a greener, more sustainable future.

October 9, 2023

Shimla, Himachal

Contact Person
Sanjay Tomar