Developing a Climate Co-benefit Assessment Methodology for Wetlands: An Expert Consultation

26 April 2023
Expert consultation on Climate Co-benefit of Wetlands, 26 April 2023, ©GIZIndia
Expert consultation on Climate Co-benefit of Wetlands, 26 April 2023, ©GIZIndia

An expert consultation on ‘Developing a climate co-benefit assessment methodology for wetlands’, was organised on 26th April 2023 in New Delhi under the chairmanship of Dr Sujit Kumar Bajpayee, Joint Secretary, MoEF&CC. The consultation focused on the exchange and stock-taking of existing wetland carbon storage studies in India including mangroves, seagrasses, and inland wetlands; discussions also revolved around assessing and measuring climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction benefits of wetland conservation.

In terms of methodological scope, the results of the assessment will help leverage climate finance for the restoration and management of wetlands, as well as promote the integration of wetlands into the sectoral climate change mitigation and disaster management plans. Moreover, capturing the benefits of wetlands in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation will contribute to strengthening the implementation of Amrit Dharohar – a government initiative to conserve wetlands aimed at building societal resilience.

The expert consultation received significant contributions from the panel discussions with representatives of the MoEF&CC (Wetlands Division), state wetland authorities, institutions, and technical agencies.

April 26, 2023

New Dehli

Contact Person
Kirtiman Awasthi