Change Management and Leadership training for local forest workers in Indonesia

27 October 2022

With the purpose of strengthening the capacities of structural officials working for forestry agencies in Tanah Papua (easternmost part of Indonesia), Forests and Climate Change Programme (FORCLIME) held a series of Change Management and Leadership training sessions for officials in Forest Management Units (FMU), Forestry Service Branches and Technical Implementing Units of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia in Papua and West Papua Provinces. The training sessions were intended to prepare structural officials in these agencies with knowledge and skills relating to leadership and the management of change so that they will subsequently be able to carry out their duties properly. These training sessions were facilitated by MDF Pacific Indonesia, an institution with experience in providing consulting, facilitation, evaluation, business development and partnership services worldwide.

The training sessions were carried out as a collaboration between FORCLIME and the Forestry and Environmental Service of Papua Province and the West Papua Provincial Forestry Service and were organised in two batches within each province, each lasted for five days. The number of participants in each batch ranged from 20 – 22 persons.

The training materials were based on the objectives and competencies that were to be achieved, including:

  1. Organisational leadership and competence of leaders/managers.
  2. Self-knowledge and interaction at work.
  3. Managing teams and decision-making.
  4. Facing new challenges and cycles of change.
  5. Managing changes.

“I am very happy with the training. It was not like any other training session that I have ever attended and has been very useful for us as leaders and future leaders. The lessons learned during the training can be applied within both working environments and through the fostering of forest farmer groups in an effort to improve existing products within the area and work units,” explained Debora Ludia Sawen, S.Hut., M.Si., who is acting as the Head of FMU Production Unit XXI Lintas Sarmi Mamberamo, Papua Province.

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Edy Marbyanto — Strategic Area Manager for Human Capacity Development
Forests and Climate Change Programme

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Indonesia, Tanah Papua, leadership training, change management