07 February 2018

By Evelyn Añago

It seems just yesterday when we were wishing everyone all the best for 2018 – and now, the first month is over. Will we just sit back and watch the year go by? What can we do to make the rest of 2018 as good for us as it could be? Here are four P’s that may be worth considering.

Do you want to move ahead professionally this year? First, think about how you’re doing. You still have until April to improve your performance and achieve your staff talk goals. At the same time, start preparing for your staff talk by thinking of where you want your career to go, what knowledge and skills you need to get there, and how you can get your line manager to support you. If you attended our Career Development Workshop last year, it’s time to use what you learned!

The people who succeed are those who make things happen, and not those who keep finding reasons why things can’t happen. If you want to advance in your career and have a plan, take the first step, and the next, until you achieve your goal. When something stands in your way, go around it, or find another way.

There are so many ways for you to learn and network within GIZ outside your team, to maximize your chances of career growth. Look for ways to be more systematic and productive in your job to give you time to join Working Groups, Sector Networks, staff representation groups, online communities, ad hoc committees, etc. These are also effective platforms for you to share your skills, bare to more people your interests and advocacies, and demonstrate that you can work effectively with others to make things happen.


Do you want more work-life balance this year? Make it happen. Take your Annual Physical Exam and follow up on the results to keep yourself in tiptop shape to achieve your professional and personal goals. Plan and file your
vacations early to have more time for yourself and your loved ones. Take time to reflect on how you’re doing in your relationships, and take action where needed. Get to know yourself and your values better, and how well
you’re living them.

Try giving these 4 P’s a shot and 2018 might just be your best year yet…!