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SNRD Asia Network Manager
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What our members say

“As a new member but having been active in the region before, it is a great pleasure seeing familiar faces again at one glance through this unique network. It feels like a “shopping tour” through a (knowledge) market where “traders” offer their fruits of hard work from the field, share their experiences, and develop joint plans to produce the next generation of “best sellers” for sustainable development in Asia.”
Carina van Weelden, Junior Advisor, Management of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forests for Biodiversity Conservation and Increased Adaptation to Climate Change (SMP) Project
“Certainly I would recommend SNRD Asia to others. Why? A very professional and diverse knowledge pool combined with a relaxed atmosphere is very appealing.”
Harald Kirsch, CIM Integrated Expert, Ha Tinh Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam, Strategic Mainstreaming of Ecosystem-based Adaptation Project (EbA)

“The SNRD – H2O WG encompasses a diversity of projects, ranging from marine conservation initiatives in remote island scapes of the South Pacific to people-centric conservation initiatives along the densely populated coastline of India. Learning from each other’s successes and failures can only be a step in the right direction. Despite this diverse portfolio, it is encouraging that we are all united by common goals – the SDG’s.”

Dr. Aaron S. Lobo, Technical Advisor (and Speaker of H2O WG), Indo-German Biodiversity Programme