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Dear Reader,

2018 is here – and with that plenty of exciting activities for SNRD Asia!

Soon we will announce the next round of our annual Working Group Allowance. In 2017 we introduced a competitive element in the proposal process – with great success! The big winner was the Working Group Agriculture. Interested in finding out what initiatives the Working Groups worked on using their allowance? Scroll down to the Spotlight section!

Are you familiar with our National Personnel Strategy? We, the Secretariat, will walk the talk of further promoting and engaging national staff in all activities of SNRD Asia. We will release promotional material especially addressing national staff and will promote their participation in our conference in May.

With much excitement we have started to prepare the Joint SNRD Asia and TUEWAS Conference “Going Digital: Unleashing the Potential of SNRD Asia and TUEWAS”! The conference will take place from 14-18 May in Bangkok. We look forward to welcoming many new and familiar faces in Bangkok! Stay tuned for the call for registration announcement in early February at: .

If you are keen to find out more on what we have already achieved we invite you to watch this short video and be inspired by our fellow colleagues! It was presented during the annual Best of Sector Networks event last December in Eschborn. For this, scroll down to the News Round-Up section!

It has been a pleasure to work with all of you over the past 12 months.
We hope we can continue our positive developments and achievements in the spirit of cooperation. We have nothing to say but thank you very much, and invite you to do more of the same in 2018!

On a personal note I would like to say a special thanks to Nalina and Sara for their irreplaceable support given through our Joint Secretariat in Bangkok.

We are looking forward to an activity packed 2018 with all of you on board!

Best regards,

Lena Kern
SNRD Asia Spokesperson

The Blue Solutions Fair: Turn your challenges into solutions!
13-16 March 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

World Symposium on Climate Change and Biodiversity
3-5 April 2018
Manchester, UK

Training: Sustainable Agriculture (MOSA) (KI-MS)
7-11 May 2018

SNRD Asia and TUEWAS Joint Conference 2018
14-18 May 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

Training: Managing for Sustainable Development Goals (MP-BS)
21-23 May 2018

SNRD Asia’s Working Group Allowance has given many ideas wings!

The first quarter of 2017 has been a busy time for the Steering Group (STGR) following the announcement of the call for submission of initiatives to be financed by the Working Group (WG) Allowance. This time round, a new mode was introduced with a competitive element in the proposal process. After the year came to a close, we can look back and say that this internal annual grant has proved successful: in total 7 proposals submitted and 100% of allocated budget expedited.

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Special Updates

Organisational Chart
as of 15 Dec 2017

Save The Date: Going Digital ---
Unleashing the Potential for SNRD Asia and TUEWAS


Get updated on latest development and happenings from our SNRD Asia community below.

In 2018, LET’S LIVE WITH LESS TRASH! An interview with Nicole Bendsen by Mach Fabe

For 10 months now, Nicole Bendsen, Biodiversity Working Group Speaker and Chief Advisor of the COSERAM programme, has been living a zero-waste lifestyle. We hope she will inspire you to do the same in 2018. Let’s all make the zero-waste lifestyle one of our New Year’s resolutions!

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Watch a recap of key happenings within the world of Sector Networks via this short video!

By end of the year, it has become a good tradition to inform about the work of the GIZ Sector Networks. For this purpose, the SN Coordination Team based in the Portal for Internal Customers invited to the 3rd edition of the so called Best of Sector Networks expert talk. This year’s event on December 15th was

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PH named among world’s ‘Migratory Species Champions’ at CMS COP12

The Philippines has been named as one of the five “migratory species champions” in the world for its exemplary contribution in the global effort to protect migratory animals, particularly the whale shark or butanding.

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COP23 yields a decision on issues related to agriculture

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Finally, after several years of formal negotiation processes, a decision on how the agriculture sector can tackle climate change issues has been finally reached at the 23rd Conference of

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ASEAN Guidelines on the Regulation, Use and Trade of Biological Control Agents: e-book available

ASEAN Guidelines on the Regulation, Use and Trade of Biological Control Agents (BCA) was developed in close collaboration with the ASEAN Member States (AMS) and endorsed by the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) in 2014. It aims to improve and harmonise the regulations on biological control agents (BCA) in ASEAN to encourage trade and investment on BCA in the region. It also provides case studies on the use of BCA based on the experiences of the AMS.

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Management of Brown Planthopper and Other Insect Pests of Rice

Food Safety Control Measures in Developing Asian Countries: Main Report

Scaling up Rice Fortification in Asia

Contract Farming Volume I


Biodiversity Learning
Kit Vol. 2

Biodiversity, Land Use and Ecosystems what’s happening 2017-18

Global Biodiversity
Outlook 4

Standards and Biodiversity

Climate Change

GCF IN BRIEF: Adaptation Planning

GCF IN BRIEF: Readiness

COP23 Summary Report

The Role of the NAP Process in Translating NDC Adaptation Goals into Action

Climate Change (I)NDC adaptation components and NAP

Linking National Adaptation Plan Processes and Nationally Determined Contributions

Forestry and REDD+


Livelihood Alternatives for the Unsustainable
Use of Bushmeat

Marine and Aquaculture

Marine Ocean and Coasts

World Ocean Review-Sustainable Use of Our Oceans – Making Ideas Work

THE OCEAN AND CLIMATE CHANGE Coastal and marine nature-based solutions To Support Mitigation and Adaptation activities

Safe Havens


Indo-German Partnership in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals with focus on Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity

2030 AGENDA for Sustainable Development – one year on

Report of the German Federal Government to the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2016

Getting Started with the SDGs in Cities

Biosphere Reserves – inspiring action for Agenda 2030


Water security threats demand new collaborations: Lessons from the Mekong River Basin

Mainstreaming Gender in Green Climate Fund Projects

The Green Climate Fund’s Private Sector Facility

Public Private Partnership ADB Handbook

Making a difference-Germany’s Development Cooperation

Guidelines on scaling-up for programme managers and planning officers

GIZ offers a wide range of subject-specific and cross-sectoral learning experience through year-round trainings. See upcoming courses/selections which might be of your interest below.

  • Sustainable Agriculture (MOSA) (KI-MS)
    7-11 May 2018
    Suitable for those who are working in planning, implementation and/or out-reach of rural development, agriculture and natural resource management
  • Managing for Sustainable Development Goals (MP-BS)
    21-23 May 2018
    Suitable for those who want to strengthen their core competencies for managing results and catalyzing changes toward SDGs.
  • Development Policy Transforming Our World for a Sustainable Development
    27-29 June
    29-31 August
    Suitable for those who want to have a better understanding of the political in-terests of partners in development cooperation.
  • Organic Agriculture
    9-12 July 2018
    Suitable for those in the field of rural development and/or natural resource management who are involved in the production, transformation or marketing of agricultural products.

  • Training location is Thailand. Training on different dates and locations for group booking is also available upon request and discussion.

  • For more details, visit

  • For training in Germany or other regional centers, please visit
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