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Dear Readers,

We are concluding 2019 with many exciting events!

Time flies into the last quarter of the year with satisfying progress of the Working Group activities. The annual grant, once again, has been put to a good use to support the Working Group activities.

The Biodiversity Trainings are tailor made for Asia and the Pacific region to understand the linkage of Biodiversity, Human Well-being, and Climate Change. The Forest Working Group participated in the Asia Pacific Forestry Week with a booth showcasing the GIZ Asia and the Pacific Forestry work. You can find more details on in the Spotlight section below.

“Scaling Up – Enhancing Sustainable Implementation” is the chosen theme for the “Joint Face-to-Face Conference between the SNRD Asia and the Pacific and Sector Network TUEWAS” which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, during 11-15 May 2020. We are now building up the Agenda and are requesting for contributions from our members. The registration will start in November 2019.

In this issue, we have many interesting publications to share with you. Make sure you scroll down and have a look below.

Best regards,

Silke Bommersheim
SNRD Asia and the Pacific Spokesperson

Training: Biodiversity Trainings
26-29 November 2019
Bangkok or nearby, Thailand

8th International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management
11-12 November 2019 
Tokyo, Japan

10th World Environmental Education Congress
3-7 November 2019 
Bangkok, Thailand

The SNRD Asia and the Pacific’s Working Group Allowance has enabled the Working Groups to bring their initiatives to life.

The Sector Network has allocated a budget of Thirty Thousand Euro to support the Working Group in their activities in 2019.

Each WG is entitled to 5,000 Euro and 2,500 Euro for the Joint WG. Once approved by the Steering Committee, the fund is available to support the WGs activities as stated in their proposal. In case the WGs do not make use of this entitlement, the fund will flow to a common pool where other WGs can bid for. This ensures that all budget will not go to waste whereas for initiatives that may require a higher amount of money, this can be of a great helping hand.

All the fund allocated for 2019 has been completely applied for and the result of the Working Group activities will be shared once they are all concluded.

To read this in full detail, see the official document here.

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Get updated on latest development and happenings from our SNRD Asia and the Pacific community below.

LAUNCH: New navigator supports uptake of Ecosystem-based Adaption solutions

IIED, IUCN, UNEP-WCMC and GIZ are today launching a new navigator that catalogues tools for ecosystem-based adaptation planners and practitioners. Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA), a nature-based solution for adaptation to climate change, has huge potential to help governments, civil society and communities to manage the impacts of climate change.

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Mobilising actors to create more sustainable agriculture value chains

Sustainable agriculture can benefit nature and biodiversity, increase product value and empower agricultural communities. The challenge, however, is how to get farmers and vendors -- and all the different stakeholders in the agriculture value chain -- to adopt more environment-friendly practices.

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Region targets 30 million hectares for restoration

A new call to bring 30 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes into restoration in Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia by 2030 in support of the Bonn Challenge announced at Climate Action Summit. Caused by human activity and bio-physical

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Good Governance vs Safeguards + Gender: Effective guiding principles of GIZ?

In the frame of the GIZ Sectoral FATA Conference, the Biodiversity Working Group supported a side event on “empowerment of indigenous peoples and local communities – reality or just lip service?” together with other regional projects and the GIZ S+G desk.

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Factbox: A field guide to UN climate jargon

REUTERS: Representatives from around 195 countries meet in Poland from Dec 2-14 to agree on the rules of a landmark climate pact. Decades of climate talks have spawned a host of acronyms and jargon. Here is a guide:

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Laos to further progress on combating illegal logging and promoting trade in legal timber products

Lao government continues in placing its priority on combating illegal logging, promoting trade in legal timber products and sustainable forest management. Purposely, the meeting on “Negotiation Support and Development Committee (NSDC)”

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Beauty of Sourcing with Respect

Asia was the highlight of the May 2019 Paris conference on 'Beauty of Sourcing with Respect' organised by the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT). The theme focused on rising consumer awareness in Asia

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Trondheim Conference 2019

Focusing on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. ‘Making Biodiversity Matter: Knowledge and Know-how for the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework’ was the theme for the Ninth Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity (2-5 July 2019, Norway).

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Biodiversity Action Plans

Integration of Biodiversity Action Plan by Spice Industry as Management tool in their supply chain. They say that variety is the spice of life. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we seem to be losing in the Indian spice sector. Precious spices like black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon, which grow in the Western Ghats

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Carbon recovery following selective logging in tropical rainforests in Kalimantan, Indonesia

The knowledge gap regarding post-logging carbon recovery by increased growth is becoming more crucial to understand the significant contribution of forest to climate change mitigation. We assessed the ability of tropical forests in Indonesia to recover carbon following conventional logging.

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ASEAN Integrated Food Security (AIFS) Framework and Strategic Plan of Action on Food Security in The ASEAN Region (SPA-FS) 2015-2020

Transforming Agriculture in Africa & Asia: What are the policy priorities?

Transforming Food Systems Under a Changing Climate Changing diets and transforming food systems: key messages


Governance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Beauty of Sourcing with Respect

Trondheim Conference 2019

Biodiversity Action Plans

Climate Change Mitigation

Increasing success and effectiveness of mangrove conservation investments : a guide for project developers, donors and investors

8 Guide steps for setting up a Climate-Smart Village (CSV)

Green Education

Environmental education in transition: A critical review of recent research on climate change and energy education

The role of education in propelling climate action

Hills to Ocean

The OceanCare Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

The Ecosystem Approach in Ocean Planning and Governance


Forest Eco System

Guidelines for the Development of a Criteria and Indicator Set for Sustainable Forest Management

Forest Landscape Restoration in the Caucasus and Central Asia


Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2019

Global Sustainable Development Report 2019

GIZ offers a wide range of subject-specific and cross-sectoral learning experience through year-round trainings. See upcoming courses/selections which might be of your interest below.

  • Project Cycle Management with LogFrame Tools (MP-BL)
    28 October – 1 November 2019
    This training course addresses anybody in development cooperation (especially GIZ NP) who wants to learn how to design, manage and monitor projects and programmes more effectively.
    Since the approach is internationally accepted and also being used by many organization, a profound knowledge of LFA is essential in order to be able to work in international development cooperation professionally.
    The participants should have some experiences working in development setting. It is highly encouraged that a small team from the same project attend the training together, so that they can work on their project own case. Bring your project partner and team along!
  • Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques (4-8 November 2019) (SK-WM)
    4-8 November 2019
    Staff of public, private or civil society organizations, and project staff who:
    wants to plan and implement workshops/meeting effectively with their partners or multiple stakeholders
    wants to enhance and apply moderation/facilitation skills in their workshops and daily meetings
    Moderators or consultants in any topics who have beginner or intermediate experiences and want to improve their planning know-how and moderation technique in an outcome-oriented way 
  • Results-based Management Workshop: How to design and implement project effectively (MP-RB)
    11-15 November 2019
    TProject staff who want to improve the design, implementation and review of project or programme activities in an outcome-oriented way.

  • Training location is Thailand. Training on different dates and locations for group booking is also available upon request and discussion.

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