Tribute to NPs: SNRD Asia – National Personnel Strategy is now out!

29 September 2017

On 21st June 2017, during the Annual Face-to-Face Steering Group Meeting in Bangkok, the Steering Group resolved to implement initiatives to more strongly promote the engagement of National Personnel (NP). The increased engagement of NP shall not only be reflected quantitatively in numbers on the official name list, but, more importantly, in their active participation in each Working Group (WG) and Task Force (TF) as well as in the SNRD Asia Conference.

Consequently, the following recommendations have been put forward for 2017 and 2018;

  • To enhance inclusiveness of matters related to the sector network, communication of the SNRD Asia Secretariat to members and to head office will always be conveyed in English.
  • It is recommended that the leading functions, namely speaker and co-/vice-speaker of WG/TFs, be shared between AMAs and NP.
  • During the on-boarding of new projects, the Secretariat shall encourage AVs to support engagement of both their AMAs and NPs in the sector network, both virtually through correspondence and physically in the upcoming SNRD Asia & TUEWAS Conference in 2018.
  • At country level, Country Focal Point shall take lead in the introduction of sector networks to NP by encouraging country offices and HR to cover the topic in the orientation of new staff.
  • To emphasise the message, PR materials are to be devised such as a video or an infographic/factsheet, which specifically target NP and sums up the gist of participation in sector networks.

Read full document in PDF here. 

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Spokesperson, SNRD Asia
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