SNRD Asia’s Working Group Allowance has given many ideas wings!

26 June 2019

During the Joint Face-to-Face Steering Group Meeting in Bangkok, the Steering Group members agreed that the method used to support the WG in developing their knowledge product in 2018 will be repeated in 2019 with a slight adjustment to streamline the process and allow sufficient time for the application of the fund.

Each WG is entitled to 5,000 Euro and 2,500 Euro for the Joint WG. Once approved by the Steering Committee, the fund is available to support the WGs activities as stated in their proposal. In case the WGs do not make use of this entitlement, the fund will flow to a common pool where other WGs can bid for. This ensures that all budget will not go to waste whereas for initiatives that may require a higher amount of money, this can be of a great helping hand.

To read this in full detail, see the official document here.

Initiatives that were implemented in 2018 are listed here.


To provide incentive for development of knowledge products among members of SNRD Asia and the Pacific, up to 30,000 Euro has been allocated for WGs’ disposal – 5,000 Euro per WG and 2,500 Euro per Joint WG. In principle, the WG Allowance’s objective is to support the development, realisation or production of innovative ideas with the aim to enhance distribution and exchange of knowledges, practices and experiences, ranging from publications, reports, products, trainings, to exchange dialogues.