Shedding Light on Sustainable Development Goals Conference

01 April 2016


News1Over 250 national and international GIZ experts will gather in Bangkok to discuss technical priority areas linking to the newly adopted United Nations 30 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Calling upon a more audacious and inclusive development pattern, the SDGs seek to usher development institutions in an unprecedented clear action plan.

Responding to this, a joint conference of two GIZ Sector Networks, Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia (TUEWAS) and SNRD Asia, cross-cutting the areas of environment, natural resources and rural development will be held from 30 May – 3 June 2016.  A key-note speech will be delivered by Dr. Shamshad Askhar, Executive Secretary of UNESCAP, on the joint conference day, to lead off the discussion.

Seen as drivers of change, development workers will be engaged in a meaningful dialogue coming up with fresh ideas on how to fine tune their project implementations. In essence, the event should help align the work of German Development Cooperation in the pursuit of SDGs.

By Anusara Tanpitak, SNRD Asia