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/, News - Joint Task Force Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)/SECTOR NETWORK TUEWAS’ ONLINE SDGs PORTAL LAUNCHED

25 August — 
GIZ projects in the Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia (TUEWAS) sector have just made the topic of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a tad more visible and systematic with the launch of the new SDGs knowledge hub. Get an overview of the sector and a regional perspective across all 17 SDGs at www.

If the Agenda 2030 is your calling, this newly integrated feature should make your searching for the subject of SDGs a little smoother. In doing its bit as an Asia-based network, TUEWAS strives to engage and contribute to implementing the Agenda and step up for a more integrated approach.

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Financed through projects and programmes which GIZ is conducting on behalf of the German government, TUEWAS (Transport, Environment, Energy, and Water in Asia) serves as a platform for regional professional exchange and cooperation between GIZ experts in Asia and at GIZ head office. The network was established in Bonn, Germany in 2002 and currently connects over 50 projects across 16 Asian countries in the field of transport, environment, energy and water.

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