Publication: Marine protected areas: Interactions with fishery livelihoods and food security

01 August 2017

Building on work presented at the IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) held in Sydney, Australia, on 12–19 November 2014, this document explores experiences with aquatic protected areas (PAs), marine protected areas (MPAs) and protected areas in inland waters in the context of livelihoods and food security.

It includes:
(i) ten papers reporting on the interface of MPA/protected areas with livelihoods and food security, based on case studies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania;
(ii) an eleventh contribution providing a more general overview of MPAs and food security and how to assess their impact;
(iii) a final paper synthesizing the conclusions of the papers and discussing the observed outcomes of aquatic PAs, together with problems and solutions.

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Year of publication: 2017
Pages#172 p.
AuthorWestlund, L.;Charles, A.;Garcia, S.;Sanders, J.;