Public Private Dialogue to boost Food Standards in the Philippines

19 May 2017

Despite a growing demand for certified foods among Philippine and international consumers, only a small amount of food grown in the Philippines is currently certified. One of the reasons that hinder certification is the lack of exchange among actors in the supply chains. Therefore, the “Standards in the Southeast Asian Food Trade” (SAFT) project in cooperation with the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries (BAFS) as well as the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), organized a Public Private Dialogue on April 20, 2017.

This event provided a platform for key stakeholder to voice their challenges, and actively exchange and agree on steps to improve the use of food standards, particularly for GAP and organic certified fruits and vegetables. The event was attended by 75 participants, including representatives of consumer rights groups, supermarkets, traders, and producers.

A second Public Private Dialogue is planned for February, 2018 to follow up on the agreed activities and measure progress.

Lisa Faust
Junior Advisor
Project: Standards in the Southeast Asian Food Trade