Provincial Environmental Radio Programs

08 March 2017

ProCEED cooperated with five national radio station in Laos in 2016 to produce the voxpop 15 mns environmental features. Five national radio station are Lao national radio; Thakek and Bualapha Districts in Khammouan Province; and Xamnuea and Huamueang Districts in Huaphanh province. The 15 mns features are cover five topics such as wildlife conservation, biodiversity conservation, forest protection, co-management, and climate change.

These radio stations broadcasting activities support ProCEEd’s objective that knowledge, attitudes and behavior related to the environment, biodiversity and climate change in Laos will improve through better access to relevant information. Thus, rural target groups should be empowered to better mitigate and adapt to climate change and risks, and protect biodiversity and the environment in general.

The result, five stations produced a total of 84- 15-min features on environmental issues. The features were produced by Lao national radio were broadcasted July to September 2016. For the provincial and district radio stations are broadcasting the environmental radio programs between 2 Feb and 20 May, 2017. In addition, 12 of these features were broadcast in Khmu and Hmong language by LNR Houaphan.

27 features were chosen to put in our ProCEED website and 57 rest will be put in YouTube. Some of the programs produced by LNR Khammouane in Thakek and Boualapha as well as by LNR Huaphan in Sam Neua and Houameuang have even been translated from Lao Lum language into ethnic languages, Khmu and Hmong.

The information of broadcasting as following:

Lao National Radio, nationwide program at AM 567 MHZ weekly environmental radio magazine “Our Environment”, 30 minutes, January 2013 to September 2016, every Monday starting at 08:00

Lao National Radio, Khammouane program at FM 100.5 MHZ (Thakek) and M 102 MHZ (Boualapha) weekly environmental radio magazine “Our Environment”, 30 minutes from August 2014 to September 2015, and 15 minutes between 3 Feb – 19 May, 2017 (Thakek) and 13 Feb – 18 May, 2017 (Boualapha), every Friday starting at 17:00 (Thakek) and every Monday to Friday starting at 7:15 (Boualapha)

Lao National Radio, Houaphan program at FM 95.2 MHZ (Sam Neua) and FM 100.5 MHZ (Houameuang) weekly environmental radio magazine “Our Environment”, 15 minutes between 2 Feb – 20 May, 2017 (Sam Neua) and 3 Feb – 19 May, 2017,every Thursday starting at 16:45 (Sam Neua), and every Friday starting at 17:00 (Houameuang)every Thursday starting at 18:15 in Khmu language and every Saturday starting at 17:45 in Hmong language (Sam Neua) 

In case of some of ProCEED’s target villages are out of reach to radio radiation, ProCEED plans to bring the environmental radio productions to villagers directly through listening group activity and hand out to village to play by their loud speaker and CD player.

ProCEED also plans to continue to cooperate with two Lao national radio stations in Khammouan and Huaphanh Provinces to produce and broadcast the hot issue 15 mns environmental features in 2017.

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