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Promotion of Green Economic Development (ProGED)

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Philippines Country: The Philippines

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2013 – 2016


  • To promote greening measures and strategies among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines and agencies and institutions promoting MSME development

Project Description

In order to promote greening measures and strategies among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the ProGED Project does so by carrying out the following activities: information sharing and awareness raising on green economic development (Line of Intervention, LOI1), business facilitation and matchmaking (LOI2) and establishing a green policy framework (LOI3).

In 2011 during SMEDSEP*, the Value Chain Approach (VCA) was introduced to us.  Now, all our sectors use VCA.  We determine our VC upgrading strategies and base our programs on these upgrading strategies.  In 2013, when ProGED came in, it was a smooth addition to embed green into what we do for our sectors.  Little by little, MSMEs are applying what they learned and this resulted in the increase in productivity and efficiency and, in some aspects, process innovations.

Nanette Arbon, Provincial Director DTI Bohol

*SMEDSEP (2004 to 2012) – Predecessor project of ProGED

“Bicol region is a vulnerable region.  We knew that incorporating green in our economic development agenda is a matter of survival, thus these two things cannot be divorced.  We thought that putting the green flavor in our activities will be exciting not only for our clients but also for our staff.  We have a number of projects like training programs, the shared services, Bottom Up Budgeting and product development.  It is a no brainer how we can incorporate green into these activities at no cost at all. Jocelyn Blanco, Regional Director DTI Region 5”


Success Stories

10439515_374591472699755_1786635643099547879_nPiloted in Cebu and Bohol, the project began in 2013. By the end of 2015, it has been replicated jointly with DTI in 17 other provinces, covering over 7 regions of the Philippines. The approach was initially introduced in the tourism sector and has since been expanded to include other DTI priority sectors such as processed foods, coffee and cacao, organic fertilizers, gifts, decors and housewares. In the ProGED, 19 provinces close to 500 enterprises have adopted greening practices in their operations, benefiting from lower production costs and increased sales.  A number of MSMEs have also developed green or innovative products while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment.

photo3DTI has exhibited their strong commitment to promoting Green Economic Development (GED) by integrating greening elements in their programs and projects. DTI has established a Green Growth Core Group composed of officials from various offices which is responsible for steering the initiatives in the area of GED. The DTI and the respective industry associations also integrated greening in the industry roadmaps, namely copper, housing, paper, plastic, motor vehicle parts, and furniture. The roadmaps will guide the manufacturing activities in these sectors over the next 10 years. More than 300 DTI staff members from all levels have undergone training, learning visits and on-the-job coaching on how to promote a shift towards GED in MSMEs and the whole Philippine economy.

Contact Person

Volker Steigerwald
Project Director

ProGED Project Office
6/F Trade and Industry Building, 361 Sen Gil Puyat Avenue,
Makati City 1226 PHILIPPINES

Tel: +63 2 897 8199 local 18, or +63 918 922 2984

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