“Making a case for the SDGs – Success stories from GIZ projects and ways forward!”

04 August 2017

Call for contributions to SDGs knowledge products
Deadline 18 August 2017!

Member projects are invited to participate in the compilation of success stories. Projects will be featured in the knowledge product as small case studies or highlights (1‐2 pager; max. 800 words). Please provide a brief description  on how your project is contributing particularly to the achievement of the SDGs and why this is a success story.

This may include but it is not limited to: high impact/positive results on the achievement of the SDGs in the respective country, successful and/or facilitated up‐scaling, alignment with strategies and interests of the local/national partners, alignment with priorities of German cooperation, high relevance and/or opportunities for portfolio development, facilitation of regional cooperation, by more aligning the project implementation to the SDGs and their respective targets a more effective project implementation and/or efficient implementation, etc.

Please decide for the most relevant contributions of your project to the SDGs and their targets or even indicators and try to provide a comprehensive picture of your contributions. This is not limited to only one goal.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:
Michael Timm
(Speaker TF SDGs/
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