Low Carbon Land-use (LoCLU)

02 April 2016

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Duration March 2012 – July 2016

ObjectiveDecision makers avail of GHG-reducing land-use options for policy making

Project DescriptionThe project is a single-phase intervention with a four and a half years term (March 2012 – July 2016). The Ministry of Commerce (MofCom) is the executing agency, represented by its Department of International Trade & Economic Affairs. Implementing agencies are specialized bodies of the Ministry of Land Resources and the State Forestry Administration.

Justification and design of the project are directly derived from national climate change goals as outlined in the 12th Five-year Plan. Strategic components are international cooperation and the establishment of an emissions trading system (ETS). This includes developing GHG-emission statistics to advance measurement, reporting and verification (MRV). Key goals in land-use are emissions reduction in agriculture, forest carbon sequestration as well as conservation standards in post-mining land restoration and land consolidation.

Two provinces (Hunan, Shanxi) were selected, where GHG-redu-cing land-use options are being demonstrated. The demonstration sites serve as reference areas for project validation and subsequent policy development. The Project, hence, operates at two levels and is framed around four thematic outputs, namely to

  • Identify GHG-emission reducing land-use options as practical references in selected provinces at county level (or equivalent)
  • Develop GHG-accounting methods that produce robust figures required for the envisioned national cap and trade system
  • Design incentives incl. business models in land consolidation and forestry for replication of emission-reducing and biodiversity-conserving land-use options
  • Identify GHG-emission reducing measures for the restoration of post-mining landscapes incl. a technical guideline


Success StoriesStudy tour to forest carbon compliance markets in USA / California and Mexico / Oaxaca:

  • The Chinese delegation travelled with high expectations and a plethora of pre-formulated questions.
  • Participants expressed a very high level of satisfaction in terms of the balanced mix of professional, cultural and social events.

“Through on-the-spot visits and in-depth discussions, we truly understand the essence of the forest carbon market in CA. We are thankful for the great support rendered by our joint project for facilitating such international exchange. The study tour was instructive, open and helpful in addressing climate change / low carbon land use, topics that both the Chinese and German side are concerned with.”
—Quotes from a letter of appreciation:

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