Let’s Invest in Nature

07 December 2017

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) – India Initiative

TEEB India Initiative (TII) aims at making the values of biodiversity and linked ecosystem services explicit for consideration and mainstreaming into developmental planning and decision making. Under the TII, 14 field based policy relevant case studies in forests, wetlands and coastal and marine ecosystems, have been conducted by multi-disciplinary teams of experts. These studies have brought out evidences of how conservation, protection, and restoration of ecosystems benefit the economy and the society.

The studies on forests deal with issues such as their hidden services, rise in conflicts between human and wildlife, and what would be the consequences of declining species. The studies on wetlands draw lessons on water resources management, community participation and decision making and the equity and economics of hydrological routine. In coastal and marine ecosystems, the studies explore the opportunities and results of interventions such as eco-labelling, seasonal fishing bans, mangrove regeneration, and the challenge of bycatch in marine fisheries.

While the results and recommendations from these scientific studies have been used to inform national policy processes and conservation programmes, they also bring out stories that touch our lives, aspirations and societal wellbeing. “Let’s invest in nature” is a series of short films based on such stories from the TII case studies presented in Factsheets below.

Watch “Let’s Invest in Nature” short movies here!

Find out more here about the case studies in the TEEB Story Map