Invitation to participate in a questionnaire on mycotoxin contamination

08 November 2017

GIZ experts who are actively engaged in the identification of mycotoxins within value chains and/or implementing actions to reduce mycotoxins are kindly asked to answer a questionnaire here. In completing the survey, it should take about 15-20 minutes. 

The intention of the questionnaire is that projects which have not been able to deal with mycotoxins might be able to find some helpful approaches to reduce toxins and those who are already working on mycotoxins are able to get more information on different approaches and new innovations.

To further understand the environment and conditions of your country/ region you are working in, the questionnaire also addresses country and regional background regarding climate, policy and the project itself.

Furthermore, the questionnaire aims to capture applied and innovative approaches for the prevention and/or reduction of mycotoxins used by these projects.

The closing date is 21 November 2017.

For further queries, contact:
Anna- Vanessa Kullanek
Nutrition Advisor
Food Security and Drought Resilience Program (FSDRP)
Food and Nutrition Security, Enhanced Resilience Program

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