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09 May 2017

Date: 5-6 June
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

International cooperation is continuously challenged to balance between achieving clearly defined results through the implementing agencies and the contribution to ambitious broad developmental goals as agreed by donor and partner countries. International Agreements demand from the Donor Agencies regular reporting on their contribution, at the same time implementing agencies focus on the achievement of narrowly defined project outputs and outcomes. However effective project management has to consider broad development goals by implementing a very targeted approach ensuring the achievement of results and meeting indicators. Professionals working in this arena require the competency to understand the needs arising from the SDGs and design projects, implement actions and report on progress addressing those needs.

Learning Objectives
During this training participants will strengthen their core competencies for managing results and catalyzing changes toward SDGs.

At the end of the training, the participants will have:

  • deepened their understanding of the concept of SDGs – goals, Targets and indicators and the relevance for project management
  • widened their perspectives on management and leadership and how blend them for contributing effectively to SDGs
  • gained the ability to link their project results to specific targets and indicators of the SDGs
  • strengthened their ability to understand the role of markers in the project proposal and to prepare reports addressing the needs related to the markers
  • improved their skills for considering SDGs in planning, monitoring and reporting.

Content / Topics

  • Evolution of the SDGs – Experiences with MDGs and key features of the SDGs
  • Understanding the various aspects of the SDGs: Goals, targets and Indicators
  • Role of bi-lateral and international projects in contributing to SDGs
  • Analyzing project documents (of participants) with special focus on SDGs (‘Results Model’, ‘Result Chain’, Indicators, Markers) so that contribution to SDGs can be made sharpened
  • Practicing practical Tools to be applied in the context of planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting
  • Applying the tools in selected projects of the participants
  • Sharing experiences among peers and networking

Training approach

  • Presentation, critical reflection, discussion and case analysis
  • Analyzing projects of participants: individual work, mentoring, work in small team
  • Applying templates for monitoring and reporting contribution of projects to project relevant SDGs
  • Practicing report writing on SDG orientation and achievement.

Who should attend this course 

  • Project staff with project management responsibility
  • Seconded experts
  • Project staff with M&E tasks and responsibilities
  • Project staff responsible for preparing documents for reporting to Donors

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Mohan Dhamotharan (M.Sc.) is facilitator and trainer with 25 years experience in the space of international cooperation. He has worked intensely on topics such as leadership, management, capacity development as well as monitoring and evaluation. His working experience with organisations such as FAO-Rome, GIZ-Eschborn, APO-Tokyo, ZIF (Center for International Peace Operation) – Berlin, Ericsson – Stockholm, LEAD Academy-Berlin and International Project Management Association contributed to a broad understanding of management concepts and issues. 

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